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Impactful Research

How Sussex AI’s interdisciplinary research approach is pushing the boundaries of computer science.

About the film

We need to nurture diverse research environments to develop AI that is commercially successful and has a positive impact on lives across society.

Sussex AI’s approach to computer science crosses traditional discipline boundaries, spanning theoretical and applied research techniques. Combining knowledge and expertise from industry, public service and academia they are supporting PhD students to provide viable business solutions using cutting-edge technology, informed by psychology techniques and health & wellbeing focused design.

Working with organisations like CASM, students at Sussex AI are able to apply their research to real-world issues, using their findings to inform reports and decisions within industry.

This true interdisciplinary approach is crucial in pushing the boundaries of computing and using new technologies as a force for good.

About the film partner

University of Sussex

Sussex AI is an interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence at the University of Sussex and the focal point of research in Artificial Intelligence methods and applications. The centre draws together world-leading experts from across the University to create a critical mass of technical skills and domain knowledge.