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Advancing Healthcare Through Computing

How the University of Southampton’s person based approach uses technology to create social good.

About the film

If we want to develop technologies that deliver genuine social good, we need to put people front and centre.

At the University of Southampton, researchers have pioneered a ‘person-based approach’. By conducting in-person research and gathering real-life feedback from the outset, they have developed a tool to reduce the prescription of antibiotics, optimised for the end user.

The Lifeguide platform is a further example of the University’s innovative interdisciplinary approach. The platform makes it easy for psychologists to create trials that can promote positive long-term behaviour change in patients, and supports collaboration with other health care experts.

Technology has a huge potential to advance healthcare solutions and unlocking its full potential requires these kinds of interdisciplinary collaborations to create positive social impact.

About the film partner

University of Southampton, Electronics and Computer Science

Our group brings together engineers and computer scientists to discover new approaches to prevent, diagnose and manage health and medical conditions.