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People First Technology

How the Department of Computer Science at The University of Manchester is putting people before technology.

About the film

We can only create a better future if we develop technology that is genuinely beneficial. And we can only do that by putting people first.

At the Department of Computer Science, The University of Manchester, PhD students are tackling societal issues with cutting-edge research in computer science. Projects in areas like enhancing human robot interaction in nuclear environments are led by a desire to create technology that is responsible and beneficial, putting the safety of people front and centre.

By providing students with access to an interdisciplinary team with diverse knowledge, expertise and experiences, The University of Manchester’s Department of Computer Science encourages research that can progress the future relationship between people and technology for social good.

About the film partner

The University of Manchester, Department of Computer Science

The world-leading Department of Computer Science at The University of Manchester created both the first stored-program computer, and the first computer to use virtual memory.